A Year of Temperatures: A 365 Day Weather Tracking Printable

A Year of Temperatures: A 365 Day Weather Tracking Printable

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Science + Art

Blend your science and nature study with art and try visually documenting a year of weather in your area!

Print out multiple charts and use a website like timeanddate.com to look up the past weather for your area plus any other areas you would love to see in visual comparison to your own! What does your weather look like compared to Egypt? What about Iceland? England?

  • Choose your color palette and fill in the key at the bottom of the page. Try to choose colors that represent those temperatures in your artistic opinion!

  • Keep your colored pencils in temp order as you color - it helps.

  • I used a pen to write the date on each square to help me keep track. I just used the day of the month but not the month itself.

  • Use timeanddate.com to look up the weather by month, starting with January. You can scroll through each day of January to see the highs and lows at multiple times of the day. I suggest using the high at noon each day, just to keep things consistent! You could also do another version using the low at midnight to see temperature extremes in just one area.

  • Start coloring! You can do this daily, a month at a time, or just do an entire year in one sitting. It is less about daily tracking, and more about the overall visual and what you learn about the temps as you go.

  • Use the second page in the printable set to total each temp range! How many 70 degree days did you get this year? How many 0 degree days?! This page will make it very easy to compare multiple locations.

Share your finished charts on instagram with the hashtag #ayearoftemps and tag @schoolnest so we can see what your weather looks like and compare!

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