Homeschool Weekly Lesson Journal Printable

Homeschool Weekly Lesson Journal Printable


A colorful bullet journal inspired printable to keep track of your school lessons through the week.

I use this sheet to keep track of a week worth of lessons, and jot down what we have done as I go. I think of it more as a journal than as a place to plan ahead! Use the planner to get messy and plan, and use this to document and save.

The subjects included in this printable are inspired by a Charlotte Mason style education. The second page of the document is a plain dot grid, so you can print double-sided and have a dot grid back to add your own extra notes and info from the week. If you can’t print double-sided, print the notes page separately and use both pages in your planner or binder facing each other so you see them both when the planner is open! The notes page is a great place to reflect on the week, add extra notes about the field trip you took, the co-op project, and the poetry tea time you want to remember.

There’s a second Lessons page that is blank so you can write in your own custom subjects, as well!

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