Explore Iowa: An Adventure Tracker

Explore Iowa: An Adventure Tracker

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Track + Plan Your Iowa Adventures

Create a visual journal of the places you explore around your state!

Use this printable map to plan out ten places you want to explore in Iowa. You could write in your top ten bucket list, or print out multiple maps for different types of places - ten trails, ten museums, ten historical sites, ten campgrounds!

  • Do a bit of research to find ten unique things that are new to you within the state

  • Write them into the map - location doesn’t matter (though you can correlate the general area if you want!) just fill it up!

  • I used a medium tip black marker to hand letter on the locations.

  • Write them in as you go and leave the map black and white on the inside, OR fill it all in at once and then use colored pencils to color in each location as you visit it!

  • Branch out and use maps from other areas when you travel. You could use the map as a place to jot memories and experiences from within that state. Even if you only visited one city!

Share your finished maps on instagram using the hashtag #mapmyadventures and tag @schoolnest so we can see your maps in progress - or finished!

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Explore Iowa


  • Pikes Point

  • Science Center of Des Moines

  • Grotto of the Redemption

  • Tree in the Road

  • State Historical Museum of Iowa

  • Ledges State Park

  • Maquoketa Caves State Park

  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor

  • Iowa State Fair