Daily Routine Menu Cards

Daily Routine Menu Cards


Daily Routine Menu Cards are an easy way to display your rhythm for the day. If each day in your week is different, having a card for each day means that displaying your schedule is as easy as changing the card in the clipboard!

These do not have to be used only for homeschool lessons. Think about what would help and inspire you to help guide you through your day.

We keep these in a clipboard that sits on display in view where we do most of our lessons. When the kids are little, it’s an easy way for you to do what’s next. When they’re older, it will help them look ahead and know what to expect.

The download for this purchase comes with customization, since every family has a different routine and different needs. After you purchase, I’ll type up your custom Routine Menu Cards with the daily schedules you provide me! I will send your PDF files via email.

Please allow a two day turn-around time for your Menus!

As your schedule changes, that may necessitate new printables, so I will provide you with the Canva file that you can edit. All you need to do is sign up for a free account on canva.com!