Resources I Love

We are so lucky to have a huge variety of resources to choose from, but it can be overwhelming to keep them all straight, and to decide which ones are right for our families! Here are some that I love.



A Mind in the Light

A secular Charlotte Mason curriculum with a bit of Classical influence that uses a blend of nostalgic and modern living books. A Mind in the Light is rich with guided help in the form of a day-by-day breakdown of lessons, as well as a plethora of information on how to educate using Mason's methods.

Simply Charlotte Mason

A one-stop resource for all things Charlotte Mason, with a modern feel. They offer a wide variety of products to educate you on Charlotte Mason methods, and curriculum and materials to support a CM education.

Ambleside Online

One of the main resources for living book lists, curriculum, and learning the methods of a Charlotte Mason education is Ambleside Online. Their curriculum is provided for free through a labor of love from many experienced Charlotte Mason homeschooling mothers. Even if you don't follow the Charlotte Mason methods, the AO booklists are a golden resource.


100 Gentle Lessons in Sight & Sound

For children just beginning to learn how to read, 100 Gentle Lessons in Sight and Sound teaches reading using the Charlotte Mason method, combining phonics and sight words while using real poetry and nursery rhymes to start reading beautiful sentences right away.


Using a mix of auditory learning through short instructional videos, hands-on learning with the block manipulatives and working through problems on paper with enough lessons to work to mastery before moving forward, Math-U-See should fit most learners! The workbook is clean and simple, the instructors manual explains thoroughly and gives options for extra ways to practice, and the blocks really do teach you to visualize math.

Rooted Childhood

For some inspiration to bring more seasonal handmade traditions into our life, Rooted Childhood is so precious for the early years of childhood. The monthly guides that follow the seasons offer up ideas to get you cooking, singing, storytelling, and handicraft making with your children and find favorites along the way that will become family traditions. 

I chose to be an affiliate for Rooted Childhood because I want to bring more cozy seasonal traditions into our life and get my kids working with their hands more often! Use coupon code: schoolnest10


Brave Writer

Beyond a curriculum, Brave Writer is an entire philosophy of education (not unlike Charlotte Mason! But more loose and modern). At it's core, Brave Writer offers writing curriculum and classes, then goes deeper to give you an entire language arts lifestyle. Before you know it, you'll be having poetry teatimes instead of snack time and doing Friday Freewrites and Fairytale Projects and feeling empowered to learn in so many different ways. Don't even get me started on Julie Bogart's mind-blowing wisdom shared through her podcasts, YouTube videos, and books.

I chose to be an affiliate for Brave Writer because...I am a devoted, obsessed fan. There, I said it. As a lover of writing and reading and all things language arts, I found my curriculum bff.


Blogs & Podcasts

A Delectable Education

with Liz Cottrill, Emily Kiser, and Nicole Williams

A Delectable Education is my favorite resource for learning more about homeschooling using Charlotte Mason's methods (outside of reading her actual books, of course). They break down CM subjects and discuss the why and how of them one by one through over a hundred episodes! If you want to learn more about Charlotte Mason's methods of education, start here.

A Brave Writer's Life in Brief

with Julie Bogart

A Brave Writer's Life in Brief is a wealth of inspiration and encouragement. This podcast goes so far beyond the topic of writing. It has actually made me cry while driving and listening one time, because Julie has been where we are and speaks right into our hearts. If you want a Homeschool Fairy Godmother, start here.

Read-Aloud Revival

with Sarah Mackenzie

Read Aloud Revival is not shy about the fact that it is about books, and about reading to your children, and reading for yourself, and reading aloud. Did I mention, books? Sarah Mackenzie is adorably personable, and offers up the best advice to make reading aloud an enjoyable part of your family culture. You don't need to be a home educator to love this podcast - reading is for everyone! If you want inspiration to read aloud to your children, start here.