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A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner Peek

A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner Peek


I've always been a planner person. Back in Junior High when school started providing us with planners, I filled every inch of that thing! Every homework assignment, test, event, and even weekend plans were recorded diligently. I haven't needed a planner much in the past few years of parenting little ones. I try to keep our days simple, so any appointments we have are easily tracked with google calendar plus a paper calendar on the fridge. But with Luna's Kindergarten year about to begin, I thought it might be nice to track her progress through the curriculum with a paper planner. 

There are so many gorgeous (and elaborate!) planners out there - it's pretty hard to decide on one that'll work best! This year we are going to give A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner a try. Why? Well - I do love simple. This planner doesn't have space for every goal in my life or every meal I plan to make. It is simply for school. For me, I think that'll work well to keep it as a little portfolio of her year. 


It has nice big tabs to divide the sections and Months. It starts in July, which is perfect so we can begin our summer learning then ease into full time school in the fall.  


I love that it has a little section of sample pages to give you an idea of how you might use each section. I might not use every section but that's ok - it's there if I need it and I can remove it if I don't! 


For example, I'm not going to plan out every lesson for every subject for every week. That doesn't work for the way we use her materials. We finish one lesson then just go on to the next one the next day. It won't matter which week it is and we don't have to rush to stay on schedule. I'll use this more like a journal of tracking what we have done, rather than a planner. 


I really appreciate the supplies needed and the reading list section at the start of each month! This might be a place where I do plan ahead a bit. I can list out library books I'd like to check out, and supplies for a few planned projects I know are coming up in the curriculum.


The curriculum tracker is another really great feature. Especially to reference later on if we end up keeping the planner to look back on what we have accomplished. To see exactly what we used and what we spent that year is helpful.

I'm looking forward to filling it out and making it colorful with some pretty pens and washi tape. It'll take me back to the good old days of my Junior High planners. 

Teaching From Rest

Teaching From Rest