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Teaching From Rest

Teaching From Rest

Review of Teaching From Rest

by Sarah Mackenzie


Teaching From Rest is a quick dose of homeschooling encouragement by Sarah Mackenzie, a leader in the homeschooling community. Sarah is the creator of Read Aloud Revival, a fantastic resource to get parents into the lifestyle of reading to their kids through all their growing years. She is a homeschooling mother of six children, and writes this book as a love note to her home educating comrades - to remind us all to slow down and savor this phase of life. It is part encouragement, part faith discussion, and part quick lovely tips.

Sarah assures us that she understands the pull to do more, research more, plan more, and worry more. After all, we feel the weight of the responsibility we have taken on - educating our children ourselves! But she pushes us to turn toward contentment, assurance, and faith. If we can do those things, we can really be present with our children, and treat them as the little souls that they are, rather than products to be manufactured if only we follow just the right procedures.

“We have been charged to cultivate the souls of our children, to nourish them in truth, goodness, and beauty, to raise them up in wisdom and eloquence. It is to those ends that we labor.”
— Sarah Mackenzie

She gives a few ideas for taking care of yourself as a person - not to the tune of getting a nap and going on a date night - but caring for your own educational pursuits! That feeds your soul just as much as it feeds the souls of your children. One great idea she suggested was to choose a literary mentor each year. This would be an author that is prolific and inspiring, so you could read through many of their works throughout the year and get a good sense of their big ideas.



My Thoughts

I enjoyed the easy-going, happy style of Sarah's book. It's a tiny book, making for a quick read - which is great because you can grab it during times where you need encouragement that you're where you're supposed to be, and you can do this. This is the book you keep in view on the shelf, so you can go back to it again each year before a new school year begins. I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from the reminder to slow down and live life well with their children.

You can purchase Teaching From Rest through Sarah's website, Amongst Lovely Things 


Note: This book is written from a Christian perspective. 
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